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Trina Ware, C.H.

Certified Hypnotherapist

Forensic Handwriting Expert/Handwriting Analyst

Trina Ware is a graduate of the Banyan Institute of Hypnosis 2005. A graduate of Handwriting University International 2002 and a graduate of the master level certification for Forensic Handwriting in 2007.Trina is passionate about helping others reach their goals and spreading the word about the exciting benefits and many uses of Hypnosis!

Trina grew up in Lincoln and had a small office there for years until moving to Papillion in 2009. Since moving to Papillion she has juggled Hypnotherapy with owning a large salon/spa and teaching at the Paul Mitchell School. Recently, she has decided to make Hypnosis her full time career and plans to help others for decades to come!

Personally, Trina has a husband Mike, 2 daughters Emily and Elly, and a new baby grandson Elijah. She also enjoys her 2 birds Paco and Libby. In her spare time she teaches classes on Handwriting Analysis and helps Genealogists know more about their ancestors through their written treasures.